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Triple Sow Cow?

rb_triplesalchowIts Triple Salchow, not Triple Sow Cow, but that isn’t what most people think.  While our graceful skating cow is amazing on the ice, the famous jump wasn’t actually named after her.  (But shhh, don’t tell anybody.  She likes to think she’s special!).

To educate our readers, our skating cow has taken to the ice to show you the Triple-Cow Triple Salchow.  Show your friends that you know a thing or two about skating.

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For more of our skating beauty, check her out here!




Figure Skating Cow

We’re gearing up for this year’s Winter Olympics, and Figure Skating is first to take the ice.  This fine athletic endeavor showcases the fine grace and skill of the bovine body as it slides elegantly across the ice for a sure score of perfect 10’s!  You’ll look great cheering on your nation’s team with this wonderful design.

She is of course flawless at the Triple Salchow (which, contrary to popular opinion, is not the “Triple Sow Cow”, and consequently not named after her.

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