Cowbraham Lincoln

“Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth in on this continent, a new pasture, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all cows are created equal.”

~Cowbraham Lincoln.

This presidential bovine was a leader for the rights of milkers and beef cattle alike. Envisioning a land of equality this cow led a nation through internal struggle to fight for what was right.

Today, we sometimes give credit only to her invention of the “Lincoln Log”, and her skill at mooing great speeches, but Cowbraham Lincoln’s legacy is much greater and has largely led to the happiness of each and every American cow!

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Snowboard Cow

This week we’ve got another Olympic-worthy athlete for you.  This cow knows all the tricks and is master of the half-pipe.  Bring her with you for good luck the next time you’re getting some air!

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Figure Skating Cow

We’re gearing up for this year’s Winter Olympics, and Figure Skating is first to take the ice.  This fine athletic endeavor showcases the fine grace and skill of the bovine body as it slides elegantly across the ice for a sure score of perfect 10’s!  You’ll look great cheering on your nation’s team with this wonderful design.

She is of course flawless at the Triple Salchow (which, contrary to popular opinion, is not the “Triple Sow Cow”, and consequently not named after her.

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Cupid Cow

Everybody needs somebody to love, and our bovine friends are no exception.  This lovable heifer is a flawless shat and will be sure to be a the bullseye with the love of your life.  This cow is on a mission for love.  Share her with someone special this valentines day.  Cupid Cow is available in three fun designs:

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Farmer Cow

Cows belong on the farm.  So do farmers.  But it’s not every day that you come across a cowgirl like this.  This hard worker puts in long hours on the fields, but always keeps a great attitude.  You won’t find a more down to earth, hard working cow on the farm.

This is a great design for that hard worker who loves the farm and having a lighthearted time.

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When you go to a barbecue, you’re probably expecting beef, but not like this!  The table (or at least the grill) has turned, and this heifer is determined to cook great food in a cheery mood.  The food will undoubtedly be succulent and delicious, but don’t expect any hamburgers or sirloin steaks at this party.

Do you know somebody who can’t get away from the kitchen or grill?  Is your favorite chef passionate about their food?  Share this fun design (text read’s “Grill Master”):

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Einstein Cow

Most cows aren’t known for their brains, but every once in a while a genius comes along and spreads some insight into the workings of the universe to the whole herd.  Einstein Cow had many notable achievements in the scientific field, but perhaps must important was the discovery that a fat enough Holstein could actually cause light to bend as it travels across a pasture.

This design could be the perfect gift for that bright person in your life who doesn’t lose sight of of the importance of creativity and imagination.

Available with the Albert Einstein quote: “Imagination is more important than knowledge”:

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They're Udderly Delicious